About Helen Rimell

Helen has recently completed an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at University of the Arts London, having previously studied an undergraduate degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport.  Upon completion of her undergraduate degree she won a Hugo Young Guardian Newspaper Internship and worked as a staff photographer on the paper.

Helen has had her work published in The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Times, The Times of India, and Buzz Magazine. She has exhibited at The Frontline Club, Host Gallery, The Hanbury Gallery, and The Filmhouse Café. She has had work chosen for a number of competitions including the Foto8 Summer Show and Reportage Photo Festival.

Helen has worked on a number of long-term projects in countries including: India, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and the USA. These include “The Sisters of Kamathipura” a project about sex workers in Mumbai’s red-light districts, which was part-commissioned by The Sunday Times, and "The Forgotten Houseboats of Kashmir", which has recently been shortlisted for the Deutsche Bank Award.

Helen’s work is intimate and emotive, forming relationships with her subjects she aims to give them a voice in the telling of their stories.